All of a sudden

I surprised myself, when I started writing blogs and I am more surprised that I’m not able to stop it now. I knew that writing out thing was always good and one of the easiest way of letting out your emotions. But I was never into that until now… And I must admit, its a wonderful hobby to have. There is always so much thoughts running in one’s head, without knowing what to do and with whom to share. With this new hobby I’m quite sure of doing justice to those thoughts. All I want to say was, I’m all excited about writing my thoughts across, which I never dreamt of.

Cheers… 🙂


  1. rashmi · January 31, 2010

    niceeee pavan good way to kill boredom toooo..:) don fill it off wit emotional stuff…swalpa irli aste but talk of all the things that u knw and i don :)..which is very lil anyways 😉

  2. Ashwin S · January 31, 2010

    Surprising to see you are blogging. Good.

  3. Ashwin · February 5, 2010

    Its still not right. See on the top right you have pages. WHY? The articles should be displayed in the main page one below the other. On right side you can have archives thing.

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