Happy Independence Day – INDIA

Jai Hind!

Wishing all my readers and every individual of my country a “Happy Independence Day”.

Before I start writing any further, let me tell you that I have never felt so strong till now for my country. Suddenly, there are these emotions and feelings that are running through me, that I do not want to let this energy go waste. I have a lot on my mind to share on this day and I want to communicate across as clear as possible. And this post is just a start in this direction. I dedicate this post to all the people who have devoted and sacrificed their lives for this country.

I believe, and you guys also agree with me, since independence our country has achieved numerous things in all areas and I feel proud of those. But, today my writing is more about, why our country is still a developing country after 64 years of independence. I think it’s a question that all youth of this country should ask oneself. Recently, I have read and known so much about what is happening in my country, that I feel it’s high time that the youth of this country come together and do something about it. I want to go through one of the movement that is happening presently and share what I feel about them.

This movement has inspired me and has provoked me to do something for my country. It is called “Jan Lokpal Bill” started by Anna Hazare. From past few weeks, I have been following it very closely and I have to admit, it’s quiet a step against corruption. As we all are aware of Jan Lokpal Bill, which talks about creating an independent organization consisting of highly qualified people having integrity and commitment, as the members of the committee headed by a chairperson. This Bill also says that all Bureaucrats, Judiciary, Private Organizations and Government employees including the Prime Minister of the country will come under scan by this committee, if they are found guilty of corruption. It’s natural for the politicians, to firmly oppose this, as our Country’s politics has deeply rooted with corruption. Since this committee, which is proposed in the Bill has the power to investigate and also to prosecute if found guilty, without any intervention from the Government. So it is obvious for the Ministers to feel threatened and they speculate the Bill as a more Anti-Democratic than Anti-Corruption one. This point cannot be overlooked, as our country is known to be the biggest democratic country. I believe the claim is not completely irrational and the Bill may have to be revised to ensure that Democracy of this country is not disturbed. According to me, whatever the argument may be from the Government, never the less there is an immediate requirement for a strong check on the corruption, which is eating all our money to satisfy few greedy politicians.

In response to the “Jan Lokpal Bill”, Government has also drafted their own version of Lokpal Bill and it is so clear the proposed Bill by them, have no intension of fighting corruption. Their draft also excludes the Prime Minister and Ministers of both Houses. There are so many black spots in the draft, that it is just a waste of time to even discuss about it.

I somewhere read that the “Jan Lokpal Bill” was first drafted 42 years back and since then it has been an open bill in the Parliament. I simply fail to understand what is taking for the Government to take their decision. What we have, is the present moment and who knows what happens tomorrow. There is no point in waiting for anything any longer. This has to change, and has to happen right now. I strongly feel that the citizens of India should take this situation very seriously and see that this Bill gets passed. I know this will not entirely solve our corruption problem but atleast a step taken to do so. The Jan Lokpal Bill represents the voice of the people and the Government just cannot neglect it. If they do, then we have to protest the election itself. I mean, what is the point in electing the politicians, who do not listen to common people?

Almost from past 2 years, I’m living in Germany, pursuing my studies and have never felt so “Indian” before!!! Especially after seeing the people here and the authorities, how they function, how responsible most of the people are and so on, I started to think why cannot we have all these in India. I’m not claiming that the people and authorities here are perfect. All I’m trying to convey is, a little discipline in what we do will bring a lot more than what we have now. Being a part of my country’s youth, I want to be more responsible and do something for my country, be it in fighting against corruption, or providing eduction to the poor or anything else. In this direction, I and few friends here are meeting on the Independence day and we are writing a letter to Anna Hazare showing our support for the anti-corruption movement. This is only the beginning of what has to come and I promise more to follow in the coming days.

I may be 26 years late to realize, but never the less, I felt it now and I will be responsible and act accordingly from now on.
“Jaago India Jaago”

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  1. gdoval · September 7, 2011

    What have you written in the letter. I mean, to write to someone like Anna Hazare is a difficult task. Backup words? Did you ask something? Personal opnion? I would like to know. XD And as you say, live the men, who fight for justice.

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