Cricket v/s Football

It has been a while since I stopped following Cricket to the extent I used to do couple of years back. Not because I don’t like the sport or I don’t like playing or any other reason I can think of right now but it just happened. It really saddens me. But what disappoints me more is not playing the sport as much as I would have liked to. May be thats the reason I stopped following. Never the less, I still love the sport. Another sport which I watch with keen interest and also love to play is Football. A different sport, played with different pace. Anyways, my intension is not to share my philosophical views on the sport, rather to share my experiences on watching these sports live.

I had been to Cricket stadium several times and I still remember my first match that I watched live. My first live experience is still very fresh in my memory. I was totally excited to be in stadium and to watch my favorite players play in front of my eyes, for real. It was something huge for me. As I started entering the stadium, climbing the steps leading to my seat, the view of the entire stadium was staggering. The lavish green grass around the pitch covering the entire stadium started revealing itself with every step I climbed. The most funny part of watching live is we still wait for those replays, that we are so used watching on televisions. So, if you miss something, then you have missed that moment permanently. On television we are also used to watch the play from the best angle and very close to action. On the contrary, in the stadium we get to see the entire play from a single angle. Watching cricket live in India is always fun. People are crazy about the sport it just adds on to the atmosphere. And since we have grown up watching our cricket superstars play, it is purely treat to our eyes to watch them play live.

Yesterday, I had been to the football stadium for the first time and it was amazing. I must admit that I have not followed the German Bundesliga as closely as English Premier League but the atmosphere in the stadium was simply breathtaking. In Football match the adrenaline of the players and the tempo of the sport is much higher than in Cricket match. And this what kept me excited throughout the match. Though my seat was in the last row of the stadium, I somehow felt I was close to the action. That might be because, I was able to see where the ball was played, due to the ball size compared to cricket ball and of course the game itself ;). The action, the celebration, crowd’s cheer and the game is much more lively. Oh! I almost forgot about an important element, which is BEER. It is absolutely no fun watching football, live or on television without Beer. In the photo you guys can also see me eating something. It is a salted bread called ‘Brezel’, which is one of the typical German food. All in all, had a wonderful experience yesterday and a great time and totally looking forward for more live football matches.

I realized the most important thing of enjoying the live sport is to be with the crowd and to enjoy the atmosphere more than the sport itself.


  1. gdo_val · October 4, 2011

    Hehe Pavan and the Brezel.

  2. ppulze · October 4, 2011

    Yeyyy go Pavan..!! In the pic,it looks like ur eating a hot dog *o*
    Did u know, in your blog, Anthropologie is showing its ad 😛 What are the odds aye 😉 This is surely a sign for me to buy something !!

    Talk about beer..In concerts here, its legal to drink hard liquor and ppl get royally drunk man..I bet you had fun drinking beer 😛 Its so much fun to do something like that which is not at all legal back home alva 😉

    • Pavan · October 5, 2011

      Anthropologie? Are you sure? Then why can’t I see it? Anyways feel free to buy.. 😀
      Totally agree with you on Beer? Thats the fun part here. And for the record, its definitely not hot dog… 😛

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