Have you ever wanted to try something new in Life? Be it food, sport, music or any other ………. I’m sure the answer to that would be a ‘Yes’. As far as I am concerned, sports of any kind, gets me excited and staying in Germany provided me the opportunity to try skiing for the first time. It was fun but not all that pretty.

Let me recall and share with you, my first skiing experience.

Snow Capped Mountain

Snow Capped Mountain

Me all geared up

Me all geared up

We left early in the morning to a place called Winterberg in NRW (North-Rhein-Westfalen) state which is a well known skiing spot. The moment I saw the snow covered mountain and spotted people skiing, I was excited to my very core. The weather was a little cold that day. Since we were amateurs, we didn’t have proper skiing clothes and so we had to ski in our jeans :D.

At the bottom of the mountain, there was a shop where we rented the ski equipments. The shopkeeper showed us how to clamp and remove the ski boots to the skies. It was very important for us to know that because every time we fell we could not get back on our feet without removing the skies. The ski boots felt so weird and funny, forcing us to do a robot walk. Nevertheless we managed to walk till the actual ski spot at the bottom of the mountain along with our skies. I never imagined the skies to be so big, the length of the ski was equal to my height and after putting them on, I felt like my feet stretched, making it very difficult for me to balance for the first time.

Posing for the Cam

Posing for the Cam

Enjoying hot Glühwein

Enjoying hot Glühwein

We all carried our skies and climbed up the mountain – very tiring! But somehow we managed to reach the top. A Ski tow is available to pull us to the top – where we had to hold the rope and slide up the mountain. Since we were students then, it seemed little out of budget☹. If I rightly recall, as soon as I clamped my boots to the skies and tried to ski, I was down on my butt even before I had begun skiing. It was a different experience in itself. But that wasn’t gonna get me down! I wanted to try once more and see if I can ski a little further, further than I did previously 😛 Watching others ski, I thought to myself ‘it shouldn’t be that difficult.. May be I’m missing some technique here’. I observed how others were skiing and decided to give it another shot. And I started and then, yes, you guessed it, I was on my butt, AGAIN, within 10 meters. I was just not able to balance or control the skies. The worst part about all this, not to mention tiring, was removing the skies every time I fell and then carrying them right to the top and clamping them again to the boots.

After several failed attempts we decided to drink something hot, to keep ourselves warm. A shop on the mountain was selling Glühwein (hot wine infused with spices served during Christmas). So we gathered up there, enjoying our hot wine, taking some photos of us skiing, well, just posing ;). After 4 hrs of struggle I was able to ski quite a distance without falling. That was my first skiing experience!

View of Alps

View of The Alps

The Cable Cars that took us to the Top

The Cable Cars that took us to the Top

Two years after my first ski experience, which was very recently I got the chance to ski again I went with different set of people and was hoping to experience skiing differently this time. Why? It was in Garmisch, one of the biggest skiing spot in Germany, very close to Munich and we hired a ski instructor who taught us all the basics like balancing, body position and more importantly breaking. It definitely gave me some confidence, I needed it.
The course was for 2 hours where he showed us all the important maneuvers and let us practice on our own for some time.
This time we paid for the ski tow, so we could go as many times to the top as we wanted without feeling tired. The place where we practiced was not that steep as it was meant for beginners. After learning how to break, skiing on those slopes seemed like a child’s play to me ;). Late in the afternoon we broke for lunch. Though we weren’t all that happy with the menu, we had to eat something… so I ordered Spaghetti. By the time we finished eating it was time to take the lift back down the mountain. We weren’t able to ski any longer and had return home, but of course with some satisfaction that we were able to learn something.

View from the mountain top from where I skied down

View from the mountain top from where I skied down

And the next time I went for skiing I was doing it like a pro… Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself…

I would like to end this post by saying every opportunity that you get to try and learn something new and different; you must make the best use of it. Although it requires a lot of patience in the beginning, not to mention you might even hurt your butt several times in the process 😉 the elation and satisfaction you feel at the end of it is something that even words cannot express, it can just be experienced.

P.S: Special thanks to my Fiancé, Shruti for suggesting this topic and helping me write this post 🙂



  1. ashwinsid · March 14, 2013

    Hi Shruti.

    • Shruti · March 15, 2013

      Hi Ashwin, how re u?

      • ashwinsid · March 15, 2013

        I am ok. Belated wishes on your birthday. Kindly advise on party details.

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