Who are you being now?

Have you ever asked yourself the question… “Who are you being now?” If not, then do it right now and you will find the answer for all other questions like “why is this happening to me?”… “why am I being blamed for all this?”… “oh! why am I getting so many surprises?”… and so on. As Humans we always work in the domain of having and we follow it by asking ourself “why don’t I have this or that?” or what can I have so that I can feel happy now?” and many more. We might find a solution to these questions but we tend to forget that, who is the person being at that moment when the question is being asked. Because, I believe working in the state of being is much more empowering than the state of having.

If you guys ask me, I would say I’m presently being a confident and satisfied person who is clear what he needs to do in the coming couple of months. Frankly, I wasn’t feeling the same just couple of days back. I was depressed, cynical at work, frustrated, low in confidence, lazy and so on… and the actions I took being this person yielded me no results or in case if it did, not the ones I expected. And I told myself lot of reasons as to prove why it is happening, whatever is happening. And I was successful in doing so. But at the end of the day I was being more unhappy. The day I dropped everything and made the choice of being the person I’m now… things changed. I’m actually putting some efforts in understanding things I was finding difficult before, instead of just complaining. I’m clear now as to what I need to do, if I was to accomplish certain things by end of 4 months and couple of more things. Feeling a lot more confident at work and outside it. Bottom line… I’m happy the way things are going now.

Just a shift in the thought process and state from which I used to work, I was able to make a huge impact.

As a blogger, I wish to connect to as many readers as possible. With this Blog, I hope I was being successful in doing so and I also hope I was clear in whatever I was trying to put across to you guys.

Best Wishes!!!

Bhashe-Language-Sprache (Part II)

Continuing on the same topic, I thought I will tell you guys this small experience of mine…
I’m looking for a new room to shift from past week and I happen to visit an apartment yesterday to have a look at it. In German, the sharing of apartment is called as WG (Wohngemeinschaft) and there were 2 girls living and were searching for a 3rd companion. It’s so happened that I reached the place to see it and also to meet the people who are already living but there was already one girl sitting and chatting with the ladies, who had also come there to see the apartment. I felt little weird at the beginning but then it was fine. Within 5 minutes the door bell rings and there is already another girl to see the room/apartment. Basically, there were 3 potential candidates for the apartment at the same time. Later it was only I, the two girls who live in the apartment and the girl who came at the end, started talking a bit.

And this what happens….

We start giving a small intro of ourselves.. bla.. bla.. The girl, who had come to check the room tells us that she had been to Himalayas recently and also travelled around India. I was like.. ok.. thats cool…. And then I start telling them that I come from India and suddenly this female asks me like from which part of India. I said Bangalore. And you guys wont believe what I get to hear from her next. She asks me and I quote “ನಿನ್ನ ಹೆಸರು ಏನು?” (Ninna Hesaru Yenu?-What is your name?). I was so surprised, you guys should have seen my face that time. I can hardly expect them to speak English and all of a sudden she talks to me in Kannada. I felt really happy at that moment. I did answer to that question in Kannada and later she also replied back saying her name, which by the way I hardly remember. Then she mentioned that she happened to visit Karnataka and also stayed in Udupi for few days and her experiences with the train, traffic and so on….

Last time I was sharing with you guys how wonderful it is, that people from different countries come together and talk comfortably in a foreign language and are able to understand each other. And here, foreign people, in their own country talking to you in your own regional language and able to communicate. I really believe that Language has no barrier. And the more languages you know, the more people you connect to. For a moment the World seems to be really small… 🙂


Namaskara! Hello! Hallo!

Now-a-days I wonder how this ‘Language’ got invented. Believe me it’s not easy for two persons to agree on one word that gives the same meaning to both of them. And why the hell do we have so many languages. It’s good but it’s not all that great when you can’t communicate with other person just because of not knowing a language. I realized the importance of language when I first landed in Germany. It’s not like people here doesn’t know English, but it’s just that they don’t talk and I have no clue why. It is fun to learn the new language and to talk and write but unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. When I came to Germany to do my Masters, I had also planned to work here for couple of years. So during the one and a half years of my course I had absolutely no problem. Since I managed to speak and do basic conservations in German, I thought I had it all.

Unless the time came for me to go to a different city to pursue my internship in a company. It was then it hit me bad, that I had no clue about German. In my company everyone talks in German and in their own accents. I say that because, I sit in the office with other students who are also doing their internships and these students are from different countries, Mexico, China, Russia, France, and Germany. And they have their own style of talking. Suddenly, I felt like I was in the land of Hogwarts (have been reading Harry Potter recently… :D), not understanding anything what they speak. But one thought really surprises me that how people from different countries come together to another country and converse in their language. It’s a wonderful thought to think about. It shows how powerful and important a language is and how necessary it is in one’s life.

So, here I’m, learning a new language, entering a new life, beginning a new start.

Last couple of exams of my life…

I am not sure when I wrote my first test or exam, feels like ages since I wrote one. But what I know is, in the couple of weeks I’ll be writing my last few exams of my life. As far as I see it, the whole definition of exam has changed over time. In school, it was always about being on the top, scoring well, getting appreciations from teachers and parents. I still remember the scoldings and beatings, I used to get from my mother for not doing well in the exams. And my mother actually sitting beside me till I finished my studies. As kids, we need that kind of strict actions from parents and I believe it’s all for our own good. I think education is very important in one’s life. Especially for a “Bomman” guy (Brahmin) like me, who is been told that education is all what we have got. Because I come from a land called India and we proudly say that we are the home of multi-cultural, multi-lingual people and we follow “Unity in Diversity”. Right from beginning, the introduction of castes even in our education system has always made it tough for general category students to get into any top universities. Even after 60 years of independence, it is unfortunate that we follow caste system as one of the criteria to select students for universities. I know I am drifting away from the topic I started but I am happy that I got a chance to write about this issue and share my views.

Coming back to exams, school days were last as far as I remember that I took any exam seriously. After that exams were important but not as critical as they were before. And do not even bother to ask how they were when I joined my engineering course at MSRIT, Bangalore. By the time I finished my engineering my whole definition about exams was changed, my fears about exams were vanished, thanks to VTU. And now, getting back to student status after three years of working was not an easy task. In the same breathe I would also like to say that the feel of the exams in my masters are not same as it was before. By that I mean, I feel the exams are a lot easier than I used to face in my school days. One factor might be the country I am studying in.

However, the good part of the story is that I’ll not be writing any more exams in my life. And the not so good part is that with no more writing of exams, all the fun we used to have before the exams (study holidays, discussions, group studies, late night tea) during the exams (copying, even discussions and so on) and after the exams (eagerly awaited results, praises and scoldings) ends.

Happy Women’s Day

A day late on this post but still my best effort to wish the most supreme species in the world… “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!”

It has been almost 26 years, 5 months and 14 days since I came into this world and I can’t deny the fact that my existence is because of a woman. A woman plays many roles in her life and I believe men can’t even imagine the pain and sacrifices she goes through to keep up with the relationships. Woman, known for her tenderness, her warm feeling, her loving nature, her nurturing attitude and her pureness spreads joy and happiness around her. Despite all these qualities of her, even till today, they are considered inferior than men. Let me tell some real facts here… When a man feels low, he always approaches his mother or his wife, when a man wants to take a big decision in his life the first person he goes to is to his mother or his wife, when a man works day and night, he does it for his wife and for his daughter, when a son wants some money, it is always his mother who gives him from her savings. It is high time that we tune our views about women. I think the experience of being with women in different relationships like mother, sisters, friends, wife, daughters becomes meaningful and empowered when we look at them as an independent and powerful beings.  Leaving all these superior and inferior mentality aside, it is time for all of us to support one another in every aspects of life.

Ending my post with couple of famous Quotes,

“In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” – Margaret Thatcher, British Politician

“God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.” – Farrah Fawcett

“A woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty.” – Rudyard Kipling, Author

A special thanks and wishes to few women in my life and would like to dedicate this post to them… Firstly my mother, Vyjayanthi (no words can explain her) who has guided me through out my life and who’s blessings have come a long way with me. Next, few close friends of mine, Pallavi (One of my oldest buddy, right from school days. She is one person who has amazing attitude and maturity which I rarely see in a girl), Sindhu (From day one I know her, we share an amazing relationship. A wonderful person with great attitude)  and Bhavya (She is more of a sister than a friend. A very sweet girl with strong personality),  who have been a great inspiration and support in my life.

Again, wishing all women a very happy women’s day.

My Personal Website

I’m very happy to announce that yesterday I bought a domain for my personal webpage and hosted it…. www.vytesh.com

Temporarily, I have launched the website but needs a lot of work to be put into that. I’m waiting for my exams to get over so that I can work on it and give it the look I want. Actually, I’m looking for a web designer who can help me with this. I hope to get everything in place and running at the earliest.

Please feel free to have a look and in case if you guys have any suggestion then drop them in the contact form available in the website.



Very excited about my new DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 550D. I’m still new to SLR and have a lot to learn about photography but its still a pleasure to own one. Presently very busy with my course but I hope to squeeze in some time to get my hands on this masterpiece. Lets see… I will update you guys more in the coming days…

Canon EOS 550D


Firstly, wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year! May God bless you all with everything…

So lets get to the point now. How would one wish to celebrate these kind of days? If you ask this to a normal person, he would say with family, may be going to parties or hanging out with couple of friends. Even I love to celebrate in that way, but this it has been little different for me. My Christmas and New Year celebration have been in my room with all by myself. Though I liked the part that I can do what ever I can, no need to ask what others would like to do, I would have preferred the normal way of celebrating.. 😉

Anyways things are changing and they are changing fast. It’s been recently hard for me to cope up with these changes. Hope all these will stabilize in next year and I would start with much more exciting and happening time in the coming year…:)

Hope is what keeps me going. Hope is all I have. I wish I dare to Hope and I hope I dare to make that wish come true.

Enjoy the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1v4BYV-YvA&feature=related

From India to Germany

Doing Masters in Germany was not a planned one but was a dream come true. Since the time I took Mechanical in my Bachelor’s, heard a lot about Germany and its excellence in the field of mechanical engineering. Even today most of the machine tools in India are imported from Germany. The technology in Germany is so advanced that, the small-scale industries in India invest in the machines that were used by the Germans 10 years back. And through this blog I want to highlight few of these simple technologies and practices that would make our life easier.

Let me start with the Bus. Believe me, in Germany if it says 10:21 (I mean time), it means 10:21, not a minute before and not a minute later. Every Bus is given a schedule and they are supposed to reach a particular Bushaltestelle (Bus stop) at that time and for my surprise they follow it precisely. At the maximum, a Bus will be 2 minutes late. So, if you want to catch any Bus all that you need to do is check the schedule online and make sure you are at the Haltestelle 1 minute before. Coming to inside of the Buses. Every Bus is equipped with a screen that shows up the name of the current and the next Haltestelle. And there are number of ‘Stop’ buttons provided in the Bus, which needs to be pressed if you want the Bus to stop at a particular Haltestelle. So, it becomes very important to know your stop and to press the button, which was bit of a problem to me for initial few days. And regarding safety, I must mention this, all Buses do not move until their doors are fully closed and it does not matter how crowded the Bus is. In India, if see any car from Mercedes, we will be like ‘wooow’ and ‘OMG!!!’ and so on but here even Buses are from ‘Mercedes’ and they are so well designed. When I visited Berlin, I was shocked to see the connectivity that was available to go to any place. There were plenty of options like S-Bahn (Stadtschnellbahn – Urban rapid railways), U-Bahn (Unterbahn – Undergrond railways), Straßebahn (Trams) and of-course Buses also. The planning that would have gone into all these would be simply brilliant.

U-bahn in Berlin

Trams in Berlin

Moving to next one let me see what I have… it would be printing of photos. It had never been so easy before. Though now a days we get the film printed in an hour, we can still do better. Like here, there are automated machines that are available in some shops. One might ask what so special about these. And my answer to that would go like this. Firstly the options you have to print the photos from. You can use a pen drive or a CD or a camera’s memory stick or even scan a photo and print it again. You get to choose the size of the photo from normal postcard to an A4 poster size. And one also gets an option to make a calendar or a post card or a collage and many others out of the selected snaps. And I think this is very efficient as it is fast, flexible and effective.

One another important thing, which I want to tell you guys, is about the garbage separation and people’s concern towards having a clean and healthy environment. It surprises me how people follow them so strictly. Here, all ‘Müll’ (garbage) is divided into recyclables (Gelbmüll – yellow garbage), papers, glasses (again divided them based on the color) and others (Greymüll – gray garbage like vegetables, fruits, etc). And plastics are treated like rare element, I mean in terms of usage. If you buy any drinks in a plastic bottle or for that matter in a glass bottle, you will charged a minimal amount called as ‘Pfand’ (deposit amount) which we will get only after putting these bottles in their respective recycle machines. We need to pay even for the plastic covers in the super market. That’s how serious people here are.

Garbage separation

These are some of the things that I really liked here. I really wish that each one of us in India start taking responsibilities and start to incorporate this level of integrity and discipline in their lifestyle then, the day is not all that far where we would be telling ‘Developed India’. ☺