Who are you being now?

Have you ever asked yourself the question… “Who are you being now?” If not, then do it right now and you will find the answer for all other questions like “why is this happening to me?”… “why am I being blamed for all this?”… “oh! why am I getting so many surprises?”… and so on. As Humans we always work in the domain of having and we follow it by asking ourself “why don’t I have this or that?” or what can I have so that I can feel happy now?” and many more. We might find a solution to these questions but we tend to forget that, who is the person being at that moment when the question is being asked. Because, I believe working in the state of being is much more empowering than the state of having.

If you guys ask me, I would say I’m presently being a confident and satisfied person who is clear what he needs to do in the coming couple of months. Frankly, I wasn’t feeling the same just couple of days back. I was depressed, cynical at work, frustrated, low in confidence, lazy and so on… and the actions I took being this person yielded me no results or in case if it did, not the ones I expected. And I told myself lot of reasons as to prove why it is happening, whatever is happening. And I was successful in doing so. But at the end of the day I was being more unhappy. The day I dropped everything and made the choice of being the person I’m now… things changed. I’m actually putting some efforts in understanding things I was finding difficult before, instead of just complaining. I’m clear now as to what I need to do, if I was to accomplish certain things by end of 4 months and couple of more things. Feeling a lot more confident at work and outside it. Bottom line… I’m happy the way things are going now.

Just a shift in the thought process and state from which I used to work, I was able to make a huge impact.

As a blogger, I wish to connect to as many readers as possible. With this Blog, I hope I was being successful in doing so and I also hope I was clear in whatever I was trying to put across to you guys.

Best Wishes!!!