Last couple of exams of my life…

I am not sure when I wrote my first test or exam, feels like ages since I wrote one. But what I know is, in the couple of weeks I’ll be writing my last few exams of my life. As far as I see it, the whole definition of exam has changed over time. In school, it was always about being on the top, scoring well, getting appreciations from teachers and parents. I still remember the scoldings and beatings, I used to get from my mother for not doing well in the exams. And my mother actually sitting beside me till I finished my studies. As kids, we need that kind of strict actions from parents and I believe it’s all for our own good. I think education is very important in one’s life. Especially for a “Bomman” guy (Brahmin) like me, who is been told that education is all what we have got. Because I come from a land called India and we proudly say that we are the home of multi-cultural, multi-lingual people and we follow “Unity in Diversity”. Right from beginning, the introduction of castes even in our education system has always made it tough for general category students to get into any top universities. Even after 60 years of independence, it is unfortunate that we follow caste system as one of the criteria to select students for universities. I know I am drifting away from the topic I started but I am happy that I got a chance to write about this issue and share my views.

Coming back to exams, school days were last as far as I remember that I took any exam seriously. After that exams were important but not as critical as they were before. And do not even bother to ask how they were when I joined my engineering course at MSRIT, Bangalore. By the time I finished my engineering my whole definition about exams was changed, my fears about exams were vanished, thanks to VTU. And now, getting back to student status after three years of working was not an easy task. In the same breathe I would also like to say that the feel of the exams in my masters are not same as it was before. By that I mean, I feel the exams are a lot easier than I used to face in my school days. One factor might be the country I am studying in.

However, the good part of the story is that I’ll not be writing any more exams in my life. And the not so good part is that with no more writing of exams, all the fun we used to have before the exams (study holidays, discussions, group studies, late night tea) during the exams (copying, even discussions and so on) and after the exams (eagerly awaited results, praises and scoldings) ends.